Is it legal?
Warning your fellow drivers of the presence of a speed camera is not illegal.
Beware , the use of a mobile phone in a car can be illegal or regulated in some countries or states.
In any case, it is never advised to use a phone in hand in you car, so make sure to use a car windshield mount holder.
This will allow you to have a clear view on your phone and you will be much safer.
Where is the data coming from?
All our data is coming from FoxyTag. They are collecting data from various sources.
You can contribute to the accuracy of this data by registering with FoxyTag , either on their website or straight from your application.
Do we have to register?
Registration is optionnal, but you won't be able to tag any speed camera.
We strongly encourage you to register in order to participate in the community.
Why do i need to provide an email address and my mobile phone number?
FoxyTag needs to make sure that the users are unique to prevent pranksters from polluting the database by creating multiple user accounts and posting bogus data
Are you tracking me all time?
Your position is sent regularly to our servers when sending requests for nearby speed cameras
This data will be kept for data analysis.
Will this information be transmitted to anyone else?
Your data is sent to the Speed Cam Hunter server (US) and we will not transmit any data to anyone except for legal requests.
Please note that your data will also be sent to the FoxyTag server and you should check their website for their TOS.
So , how does this trust engine work exactly?
You will find all this information on the FoxyTag website here.